Biomedical engineering department ensures the safe usage of medical devices in the hospital according to specific policies and procedures to facilitate the work of medical staff by maintaining medical devices. The biomedical engineer trains the medical staff on the safe usage of medical equipment and updates medical technologies to the highest standards.


Purchasing new medical equipment according to the high standard specification technically and financially.

Handling the follow up of new medical equipment to ensure the application of the contract’s conditions.

Maintaining the medical equipment for longer and safer usage by preventive procedures to lessen the corrective procedures.

Handling equipment defects in departments as soon as possible with the appropriate corrective actions.

Data collection of preventive and corrective procedures for the implementation of improvement plans.

Implement safer procedures for handling medical equipment to prevent any misusage

The head of the biomedical engineering department works on all the services mentioned before. In addition to that, he/she works on the accreditation standards & data collection for analysis. The biomedical engineer works on updating and renewing medical technologies in the hospital for the delivery of high standard medical services in all the medical units.


Head of Biomedical Engineering department: Yasmeen Faraj


Extension: 229

Location: 2nd Building 1st Floor